Madcon - Lets Dance Instead tab

Band: Madcon
Song: Lets dance instead
Tabbed by: batida

An awesome song by Madcon :)
For two guitars, pretty easy anyway ;)

so her we go:

Guitar I:
(plays this during the chorus and the intro)

e:-------------------------------------------------------|b:-----11-9-9h11~---7h9---6h7--6h7-6~--------------------|g:------------------------------------8-6-8~-------------| x2d:-8~-----------------------------------------8/9-9-8~---|A:-------------------------------------------------------|E:-------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar II: (plays these chords all the time through the whole song)
Dm# F# Gm# Am# Dm# F# B Am#e:-6---9-----4---6-----6---9-----7---6--|b:-7--11-----4---6-----7--11-----7---6--|g:-8--11-----4---6-----8--11-----8---6--|d:-8--11-----6---8-----8--11-----9---8--|A:-6---9-----6---8-----6---9-----9---8--|E:-----------4---6---------------7---6--|
Hf playing this song greetz batida
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