Madina Lake - Legends chords

Madina Lake
Attics To Eden
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Key: Bb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Gm -   355333
Eb -   x68886
F -    133211
D/F# - 2x023x
Bb -   x13331
C#m -  x46654
A -    x02220

Verse 1:
GmI watch the sun fall
down to kill the day Another part of me just went up in flames Cause I'm bored and dumb and dying to change It's the simple life driving me insane Then you explode in my head And now you're all over me
Eb F GmI come alive with you
You know you set me free Let's go! Chorus:
GmLet's burn this town
Right to the ground And we'll go down like
D/F#every legend before us
Gm We'll part the seas
Make history While chasing dreams like
D/F#every legend before us
Verse 2:
GmYou and me we hit
the streets 'Cause the thrill of living gives me energy I wanna steal a car and rob a bank I wanna find a cure that'll save the world
EbCause our lives are
F Gmgoing up in flames
BbAs we watch like
it's a movie
Eb F GmI come alive with you
You're like the drug inside of my head! (Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
Eb I open up like a
C#m Gmwindow for you
Eb So come on in and
C#m Gmdestroy me like you do
Eb You come on in after
C#m Gmmidnight for me
Eb And drag me out while
C#m Gmthe city falls asleep
Verse 3:
Gm Martyrs and kings
A Heroes and thieves
Bb We're chasing dreams
like every legend before us (Repeat Chorus twice) End on Gm(hold)
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