Madina Lake - Here I Stand tab version 1

Tabbed by Joel Vincent
Standard tuning, no capo

C - x32010
Am7 - x02010
Abmaj7 - xx1113
Dm7 - xx0211

Intro/Chorus C Am7 Abmaj7 Dm7E-------0h1--h3---|-----------------|-3--------3------|-1------1---------|B-----------------|---------1h3p1---|-1-----1-----1---|-1----1----1----1-|G-----0-----------|-------0---------|-1---1-----------|-2--2---------2---|D---2-------------|-----2-----------|-1---------------|-0----------------|A-3---------------|-2-0-------------|-----------------|------------------|E-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|
(Verse 1) C Am7 Abmaj7 Dm7 Iím hoping that this ainít too hard to believe C Am7 Abmaj7 Dm7 Cause baby, youíre the only one for me C Am7 Abmaj7 Dm7 I know it gets hard when Iím moving in and outta state C Am7 Abmaj7 Dm7 But I promise my heart for you I would save Just remember thatÖ (Same Chord Progression) (Chorus) No matter how far I go And no matter how long it takes No one or nothing can change Forever yours here I stand (Here I stand babyÖ) Im not really to sure about the bridge to be honest, im pretty sure it changes but i taken the time to figure it out YET, sorry :(.
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