Madina Lake - Adalia tab

Madina Lake
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Key: Eb on verses then Bb on Chorus

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Eb -   x68886
Bb -   x13331
Cm -   x35543
G# -   466544
F -    133211
Bb/D - x587xx

Intro: G#--Cm--G#--Eb-Fm until verse 1

Guitar 2: G# Cm G# Eb Fme|-------|-------|-------|-1-1-|-1---|B|-3-4-4-|-3-4-4-|-3-4-4-|-----|---4-|G|-----3-|-----3-|-----3-|-----|-----|D|-------|-------|-------|-----|-----|A|-------|-------|-------|-----|-----|E|-------|-------|-------|-----|-----|
Verse 1: G# Cm She wraps her tragic moments G# Eb Fm tightly around her neck G# Cm Then she hangs herself with G# Eb Fm them as I try to disconnect G# Cuz she wants to choke Cm on her life again G# Breathing it in like Eb Fm a deadly poison Chorus: Bass and piano only Eb F She cries cuz she's lost and she Bb/D Eb doesn't even know what she wants Eb F Her eyes go cold as she begs Bb/D Eb the world to just let her go
Bass: Eb F Bb/D EbG|---|---|------|---D|---|---|------|---A|-6-|---|-5----|-6- x2E|---|-1-|------|---
Piano:e|-18--17-----|B|---------18-|G|------------|D|------------| x8A|------------|E|------------|
Post Chorus: Growl: G# Cm But I wont!!! Let Go!!!
Guitar 2: G# Cme|-------|-------|B|-3-4-4-|-3-4-4-|G|-----3-|-----3-|D|-------|-------|A|-------|-------|E|-------|-------|
Verse 2: G# Cm She lives and breathes in a G# Eb Fm world that brought her to her knees G# Cm And now I'm addicted to her G# Eb Fm cuz that girl is just like me G# Bb And I'm gonna choke Cm on her life again G# Bb I'm breathing it in Cm like a deadly poison G# Bb Cuz I just want Cm to get through to her G# Bb Eb Fm Before her last breath (Repeat Chorus 1) Interlude: Eb--F--Bb/D--Eb x2 Chorus 2: including distortion guitar Eb F She cries cuz she's lost and she Bb/D Eb doesn't even know what she wants Eb F And she hides all alone Bb/D Eb inside the payback she won't let go Outro: Eb F Watching her life pass her by Bb/D Eb watching it all through her watering eyes Eb F But I'll be chasing dragonflies from her Bb/D Eb Eb(hold) darkest skies until the day she dies
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