Madness – One Step Beyond tab

just  Cm Fm and Gm

Cm e¦--3- Fm -8-- Gm ----| B¦--4- -9-- -3--| G¦--5- -10- -3--| D¦--5- -10- -5--| A¦---- ---- -5--| E¦---- ---- ----|
for a bit of variation during cm go every now and then;
e¦---2/3-|B¦---3/4-|G¦---4/5-|D¦---4/5-|A¦-------|E¦-------| to give it taht 'ska' feel
the actual saxaphne goes something lie this; (bearing in mind im making this up as i go its probably not right)
e¦---------------------- ---------------------------|B¦---------------------- -----------------------5/1-|G¦---------------------- -------5~-6-6-5-6-5-6-5----|D¦-------5~--3-1-3-1---- --3--6---------------------|A¦--3--6-------------3~- ---------------------------|E¦---------------------- x2 ---------------------------|
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