Madonna – Stay chords

Intro: F  Am  G  Am 
Am You, you make my life much brighter
G You're always on my mind
Am You, you make my load much lighter
G True love is hard to find
Am G Sometimes I feel I have to get away
Am I change my mind when I look in your eyes
Am G And when those clouds come in and try to darken our days
I'll always want you to
F G Am Stay, stay darling {repeat 3 times}
You saw through my lies and deception Yeah I was losing my way You, you gave my life some direction And now I'm ready to say I know there's bound to be some hard times ahead I'd be a fool to believe But if you go I'd rather think of dying instead I never want you to leave {Chorus} {Intermediate:}
F G When you walked out my door
F G I knew you'd be back for more
F G Let's leave the past behind
F G True love is so hard to find
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