Madonna - Into The Groove chords

not the same key as the great lady herself but the key in which i can sing it best (or 
bad). should be fairly easy to transpose into whatever key you like.

Bm   A   Bm   G
Bm A Bm GAnd you can dance
Bm A Bm GFor inspiration
Bm A Bm GCome on
Im waiting Chorus:
Bm DGet into the groove
F#mBoy youve got to prove
BmYour love to me, yeah
DGet up on your feet, yeah
F#mStep to the beat
BmBoy what will it be
Bm DMusic can be such a revelation
F#m BmDancing around you feel the sweet sensation
DWe might be lovers if the rhythms right
F#m BmI hope this feeling never ends tonight
Bm DOnly when Im dancing can I feel this free
F#m BmAt night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
DIm tired of dancing here all by myself
F#m BmTonight I wanna dance with someone else
Bm DGonna get to know you in a special way
F#m BmThis doesnt happen to me every day
DDont try to hide it love wears no disguise
F#m BmI see the fire burning in your eyes
(bridge) (chorus) Intermediate:
A G ALive out your fantasy here with me
G AJust let the music set you free
G ATouch my body, and move in time
GNow I know youre mine
Youve got to (chorus) (bridge) (intermediate)
A G A GNow I know youre mine, now I know youre mine
A G A GNow I know youre mine, now I know youre mine
Youve got to (chorus) (chorus lyrics) (repeat and fade)
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