Madonna – Paradise Not For Me chords

Left handed
This is the version Madonna played during her Confessions Tour in 2006.
I added in the lyrics from the second verse of the album track so you can play the album 
version, too.

The chords:
Am (002210)
Bbmaj7(003230) *Note: This chord is played in concert as shown below:
Fmaj7 (003210)

e|----------|-----------|----------|----------|B|----------C-----------|----------|-------3--|G|----------A-----------|-------1--|----------|D|----------P-----------|----------|-------2--|A|----------O-----------|----------|----------|E|----------|-----------|----------|----------| Do not play the E string.^^3rd Fret^^
Capo: Fret 3 Intro: Am Bbmaj7 Am Verse 1:
Am Bbmaj7I can't remember, when I was young
AmI can't explain, if it was wrong
Bbmaj7My life goes on, but not the same
AmInto your eyes, my face remains
AmI've been so high
Bmaj7I've been so down
Up to the skies
AmDown to the ground
I was so blind
Bmaj7I could not see
Your paradise
AmIs not for me
Am Bmaj7I've been so high
AmI've been so down
Bmaj7Up to the skies
AmDown to the ground
Interlude: Am Bbmaj7 Am Verse 2: Autour de moi (All around me) Je ne vois pas (I do not see) Qui sont les anges (Who is an angel) Surement pas moi (Surely not me) Encore une fois (And once again) Je suis cassée (I am broken) Encore une fois (And once again) Je n'y crois pas (I don't believe it) Repeat Chorus Repeat Verse 1 Spoken: There is a light Above my head Into your eyes My face remains
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