Madonna – Candy Perfume Firl tab

I love Madonna! and....
I love this song! It's easy
to play. Most of the song is just
these two chords.
(there's more that I can't figure out sorry)

Bm: C2: -> I don't know the name of this chorde--2--|--5--| so let's just call it chord 2 (C2)b--3--|--6--| g--4--|--7--|d--4--|--7--|a--2--|--5--|e--2--|--5--|
here's a sample so you know the places to play (LISTEN TO THE SONG TO KNOW HOW TO PLAY!!) Bm C2 Bm C2 Young velvet porcelain boy Bm C2 Bm C2 Devour me when you're with me Bm C2 Bm C2 Blue wish window seas Bm C2 Bm C2 Speak delicious fires Bm C2 Bm C2 I'm your candy perfume girl Bm C2 Bm C2 Your candy perfume girl GET THE PICTURE? see simple and fun questions comments E-MAIL ME with feedback please Thanks for reading :-) ~ Jessy
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