Madonna – Give Me All Your Luvin chords

Song: Give Me All Your Luvin'
Singer: Madonna
Capo. 6th

L-U-V Madonna
Y-O-U you wanna

G D I see you coming and I don't wanna know your name
Am CL-U-V Madonna
G D I see you coming and you're gonna have to change the game
Am CY-O-U you wanna
G D Would you like to try?
AmGive me a reason why
CGive me all that you got
G Maybe you'll do fine
D Am As long as you don't lie to me
CAnd pretend to be what you're not
G D Don't play the stupid game
Am CCause I'm a different kind of girl
G D Every record sounds the same
Am CYou've got to step into my world
G DGive me all your love and give me your love
Am CGive me all your love today
G DGive me all your love and give me your love
AmLet's forget about time
CAnd dance our lives away
L-U-V Madonna Y-O-U you wanna Keep trying don't give up, it's if you want it bad enough L-U-V Madonna It's right in front of you, now tell me what you're thinking of Y-O-U you wanna In another place, at a different time You can be my lucky star We can drink some wine Burgundy is fine Let's drink the bottle every drop Give me all your love boy You could be my boy, you could be my boy toy In the nick of time I could say a sicker rhyme Cause its time for change like a nickel and a dime I'm Roman, I'm a barbarian, I'm Conan You were sleeping on me you were dozin' Now move, I'm goin' in!! You have all the L-U-V I gave you everything you need Now it's up to y-o-u Are you the one, shall we proceed? Sw-sw-swag shh No one gives you this Supersonic bionic, uranium So I break ‘em off tricks Lets pray that it sticks I'ma say this once, yeah I don't give a shit
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