Madonna – You Must Love Me tab

Hey hey, huge Madonna fan here! Love this song, hadn't heard it in a long time.
And when I started to sing this, I was tearing up, and I was trying to find the
right chords, these sound more accurate. Tabed by,

Song:You Must Love Me
Standard Tuning

Bb          F       Bb                          Cm  
Where do we go from here? This isn't where we intended to be, we had it all
you believed in me, I believed in you

Bb         F    Bb                          Cm
Certanties Disappear, what do we do for our dream to survive? How do we keep 

all our passionsalive, as we used to do

        Dm                      Eb       Dm                         Eb
Bridge: Deep in my heart I'm concealing, things that I'm longing to say, 

Dm                         Eb       Cm       Bb          F
scared to confess what I'm feeling, frignted you'll slip away

        F            Bb        Cm   F                Bb  
Chorus:     You must love me            You must love me

(Repeat same chords from 1st verse, bridge, and chorus)

Why are you at my side? How can I be any used to you now? Give me a chance and 

I'll let you see how, nothing has changed.

end with Chorus: You must love me 3x

Uhhgg, looove this song so much, it makes ya feel sad, well it makes me feel sad
at least. Love Madonna, can't get over her, she will forever be my favorie artist!
Long Live Madonna!! Well I hope you guys find this tab usefull. Alright peeps, peace
-Osirs   2/7/05
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