Madrugada - Our Time Wont Live That Long tab version 1

Our time wonít live that long Ė Madrugada

					Melody and lyrics: Robert BurŚs

Last track on their last album. Solo by their late guitarplayer, Robert BurŚs. RIP.

Capo 1st fret.

F#				    Fm
Donít know when they put me in the ground
	   B		    F#
I donít know if Iíve left alone
Ebm				C#
All that matters is that I follow you
	 B		    	F#
On my way to the unknown bound

F#				    Fm
Itís cold baby but Iím not afraid
	   B		    F#
I feel lost, my life swept away
Ebm				C#
Iíve been worried but I promise thy
	   B		    			F#
Itís so tense when youíre in the life

Ebm			  C#
Only time that you walked away
Ebm			  		 C#
It wasnít me, Iím always here and Iím gonna stay
Loving you can not be bad
My blood is boiling and you make me mad


I was flying but it was very low

It let your love in coming down

And all I thought of was just another dome???

Couldnít be right what I found


A mountain top, itís the need of time

I am a mind so letís make this night

On my own everything is wrong

Holding on now Iím holding on

F# 	Fm		    B	  		F#
Uuuu - You just have to call it out
Ebm				C#
You know your love till your love is gone
	  B			F#
And you know that it, that itís that strong

Ebm		       C#
Only time that you let me down
	  B		 	 F#
You just wouldnít let me in
Ebm			C#
The only time when it all went bad
B					C#	F#
When I donít wanna fight with you

Fm	    B 	   F#
Donít you know why I do
Ebm			C#
I will never ever let you go
	  B				F#
I will stay with you till I die

F#		  		    Fm	
My blood runs cold I donít wanna know
    B			F#
Iím gonna cry all night long
Ebm				    C#	
I wear your heart until my heart is torn??
	 B			F#
Then I makeía, make my mind

But always go we just stop below

Where weíd go when we just gotta blow

Everything that we got inhere

Donít wanna see you walking down those stairs


ĎCos I need you and you know you need me

Itís all that love that shull? right down on me

All the time I love you right

I love you, Iíll be there, baby, baby mine


B			   F#
Honey, our time wonít live that long
		B				F#
You know our time wonít live that long
		C#				F#
You know our time wonít live that long
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