Madrugada – Only When Youre Gone tab

	       Only when you're gone - Madrugada
Tabbed by: Frank

Tuning: standard

Em Am e|----------------------------- -------------------------------|B|----------------------------- --------1-------------1--------|G|-------0-------------0------- ----2-----2---2---2-----2---2--|D|---2-----2---2---2-----2---2- ------2-----2-------2-----2----|A|-----2-----2-------2-----2--- --0-------------0--------------|E|-0-------------0------------- -------------------------------|
Intro: Em Chorus: Am Em Only when you’re gone. Only when you’re gone Am Em Only when you’re gone and away, only when you’re gone Verse 1: Am Gonna need a hammer and nails Em To construct this bitter love song Am This cruel testament in song Em That rings out only when you’re gone Chorus Verse 2: Em Rude are the tongues of love that speak of mercy for us all Am That leave us only with a song Em That leave us only with a song Am Now it’s a cold and hollow whisper Em That consumes my body when you’re gone Chorus G Bm And it’s only when you’re gone and away Em My ghost looks (?) in that special way G Bm It’s a nice hotel, my hometown Em Come feel the darkness of this prison cell I love you long and I love you well Verse 3: Am Em So bury me in the kitchen, bury me into stone Am Oh, bury me everywhere you go Em In the shadows of the hallway Verse 4: Am A fall we do not longer know, Em What we can no longer hold Am On days like these our heads fill up with smoke Em And our memories grow old Chorus x3 Am Em
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