Madrugada - Oceanliner tab

Author/Artist:  Madrugada
Title:          Oceanliner
Album:          Madrugada EP
Transcribed by: DMS & RH

Great song, maybe the best Madrugada song ever.

Rhythm for Intro and Verse:

F C G Am Ge||----------------------------------------------------------3-3------|B||-1---1--1--1--1--1--1------1---1--1----1--1------1--1-1---3-3------|G||-2---2--0--2--0--2--0---2--2---0--0----0--0---0--2--2-2---0-0------|D||-3---3--3--3--3--3--3---3--3---3--0h2--2--2---0--2--2-2---0-0------|A||-3---3--3--3--3--3--3---3--3---3--3----3--3---2--0--0-0---2-2------|E||------------------------1--------------3--3---3--0--------3-3------|
Intro: F C G Am G *2 Verse: F C G Am G Oh the evening another song behind F C G Am G A steam is rising and we are rolling on F Oh, and [t]here's a bottle of wine C G Am G Let's drink a toast to the new world arising F G Am Oh, while the hands on the timekeys keep turning G Am G F Keep turning, we are never going home Chorus: C Em F C The weight of time inside the oceanliner made the ship go down C G F The weight of time inside the oceanliner, we going down C Em Yeah, and it's about time we were on our way F C Oh it's old times you see [the/her] sinking C G Oh it's coming out loud in here F Keep on turning Keep turning 'round F C G Am C*2 Verse: F C G Am G Oh forest pine, a bitter taste of defeat F C G Am G Of blood and iron, must away from this heat F C G Am G Oh and now a cannibal flies, no mercy, for us down here F Oh for the past and the present G Am Once and for all, we wage war G Am G F On the 20th century rising Chorus: C Em F C The weight of time inside the oceanliner made the ship go down C G F We're parting, tonight, [now] with the oceanliner, we going down C Em And it's about time we were on our way F C Oh it's old times you see the/her sinking G Oh it's coming out loud in here F Just keep on turning Yeah, oh, keep turning 'round Solo: C Em F C G F x2
Verse: F C G Am G Oh dangling on an old general's chest, there's an old silver head F C G Am G Oh the spirit of a generation sent to rest with the nations best F C G Am G And all asleep, and grab the hammer and sical, my brother F G Am Oh and leave it for the captain to ponder over G Am G F Why his ship, sank beneath the waves -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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