Mae - Prologue Transcribed For Guitar tab

The Everglow

Transcribed by Michael Buchanan

This is the piano melody found on song one of The Everglow, transcribed for guitar


E--13--------------------------------||B--------14--------------------------||G--------------11----------10----11--||RepeatD--------------13----------11--------|| 4xA--------11----------11--------------||E--13--------------------------------||
E--------------09----------------11--||B--------07----------------07--------||G--10----------------10--------------||RepeatD--------------------------10----11--|| 4xA--------08----------08--------------||E--06----------06--------------------||
Note: It's impossible to play this song on guitar and retain any of it's feeling from the song The notes would all be cut short because you'd be switching your fingering so quickly, and unless you're really good at fingerpicking this is going to be a tough one to learn. I suggest that if you have your heart set on playing it, you find another guitarist and split the notes up like they would be to a pianist. the E, A, and D strings represent the left hand's role in this song on the Piano. Likewise the G, B, and E strings represent the right hand. It would be far simpler (and probably would sound better) to divide the guitar parts in the same manner.
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