Magazine - Because Youre Frightened tab

Song:      Because You're Frightened
Artist:    Magazine
Album:     Correct Use of Soap
Guitarist: John Mcgeoch


Guitar 1 w minimal flange, distortion & chorus. All palm muted. D5 G5 B5 G5 D5 B5 G5E|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|---7--------4-------7---4----------|D|---7----5---4---5---7---4---5------|A|---5x8--5---2x8-5---5x8-2x8-5------|E|--------3x8-----3x8---------3x16---| continue this pattern throughout verse
Guitar 2 kicks in after intro chords play once. It appears again at the start and end of the verses. Play with chorus and minimal distortion.
E|--------------7h10p7h10p7h10--|B|---5h7p5h7p5h7----------------|G|------------------------------|D|------------------------------|A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------| X4
Pre Chorus A B5 C5E|--------------|B|--------------|G|---2--4--5----|D|---2--4--5----|A|---0--2--3----|E|--------------|
Chorus E5 B5 C5 D5 A B5E|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|---9---4--5------7---2-4-------|D|---9---4--5------7---2-4-------|A|---7---2--3--x4--5---0-2--x4---|E|-------------------------------| "Look what fears done to my body..."
Bridge D5 C5 D5 B5 C5 B5 C5 B5E|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|---7----5---7---4s55--4s55-4----|D|---7----5---7---4s55--4s55-4----|A|---5x5--3x5-5x5-2s33--2s33-2----|E|--------------------------------|
Occasionally in the bridge it goes up to E like this.
E5 D5 E5 C#5 D5 C#5 D5 C#5E|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|---9---7---9------6s77---6s77----6--|D|---9---7---9------6s77---6s77----6--|A|---7x5-5x5-7x5----4s55---4s55----4--|E|------------------------------------|
Final Part Just D and C chords till the end. And thats pretty much Because You're Frightened by Magazine. Not enough Magazine fans on which is fail due to John Mcgeoch (R.I.P) being a guitar legend. Hope someone enjoys this.
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