Magazine - Light Pours Out Of Me tab version 1

Song:      Light Pours Out Of Me
Artist:    Magazine
Guitarist: John Mcgeoch


Bass is just rythmically picking E note with occasional fills.

Guitar kicks in after a while with this riff

E|--------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------|G|---------------r-------------r--------------------|D|---------------e-------------e--------------------|A|------2-----2--s------2---2--s----2-5v-5-4v-4-2v--|E|---2-4---2-4---t--2-4--2-4---t-2-4-4--------------|This riff repeats through verse until chorus
Guitar 2 that occasionally plays in background of verse EE|------------|B|---9--9--9--|G|---9xx9xx9--|D|---9xx9xx9--|A|---7xx7xx7--|E|------------|
Chorus. Let all chords ring. A C D EE|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|---222--555--7s9-----|D|---222--555--7s9-----|A|---000--333--5s7x12--|E|---------------------| x2 "The Light, Pours out of me!"
Bridge Guitar 1
E|---------------|B|---------------|G|---14-13-16----|D|---14-13-16----|A|---12-11-14x12-|E|---------------| x4
Guitar 2
E|--------------|B|---10-9-12v---|G|--------------|D|--------------|A|--------------|E|--------------| x4 It then goes down to D like this
Guitar 1
E|-------------|B|-------------|G|---7-6-9-----|D|---7-6-9-----|A|---5-4-7x12--|E|-------------| x4
Guitar 2
E|------------|B|---3-2-5v---|G|------------|D|------------|A|------------|E|------------| x4
It then goes back to verse has one more chorus and ends with bridge. And thats pretty much Light Pours Out Of Me. What a riff eh?
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