Maggie Reilly – True Colours tab

Ther are quite a few versions of this song so this might not be in the right key 
but I put it under Maggie Reilly as I've heard her version and really like it.

Really nice song and easy to play 
Have a go and tell me what you think :)


              Am  G
You with the sad eyes
C             F
Don't be discouraged
       Am    G
Oh I realize
      F             C
It's hard to take courage
      Am             G
In a world full of people
C                  F
You can lose sight of it all
           Am            G
And the darkness there inside you
           F        C
Makes you feel so small


                F      C
But I see your true colours
Shining through
            F     C
I see your true colours
 F            G
That's why I love you
    F         C        G        Am
So don't be afraid to let them show
       F     C
Your true colours
 F      C           G 
True colours are beautiful
Like a rainbow

Verse 2:

            Am   G
Show me a smile then,
      C         F              Am         G 
And don't be unhappy, can't remember when
    F              C 
I last saw you laughing
          Am              G
If this world makes you crazy
             C         F
And you've taken all you can bear
     Am     G
You call me up
              F            C
Because you know I'll be there

(Repeat chorus)

Middle part:

Am C G 
            Am            C       G 
When did I last see you laughing

(Repeat chorus)
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