Magnetic Fields – Fear Of Trains tab

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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 19:36:24 -0500
From: "Mr. Coin Operated" 
Subject: tab: 'fear of trains' by 'magnetic fields, the'

From: Kent Randell 

my band Leslie Can't Love plays this so I figured why not transcribe it.
Chords with words are first.  Some riffs are tabbed at the bottom.

Fear of Trains by the Magnetic Fields.  'Charm of the Highway Strip'

into: G  F   C
           G               F              C
It was the army train that took her daddy from her

           G                F              C
It was the bible train that took her momma too

         Am                         Dm    C   G  
And that high loud whistle made her horse run away

        G                   F                C  
But the straw the broke the camel's back was you

           G                     F             C  
It was the government train that took away her childhood  

           G        F             C
It was the KKK that took away her past  

           Am                    Dm      C   G
It was the white man's will that hers be broken

         G                   F             C  
But that barefoot girl could run too fast  

C                                             Am
Because the world's too cold  for a girl like that with a 

C                            G 
Blackfoot soul  and a cowboy hat

     C                                    Am  
Everything she loved went down the dragon track

                  C        G    F   C  
She had a fear of trains  

C                         G  
In the beet fields of Montana 

Dm                          Am
She's always coming on dead rails  

C                             G
to break the plow and whisper "Honey,  

Dm                        Am
bound to live is bound to fail" 

C                        G
And in a park in San Francisco  

Dm                          Am
her momma shrieks about the Lord  

C                                  G
And down the dead rails there's an echo  

Dm                        Am
The wind is whistling all-aboard  


VERSE2:  (same chords as before)
It was the wagon train that too away her country  
It was the oil train that took away her land  
She could have been the belle of the ponderosa 
but that was not the fat man's plan 


Guitar riff during verses and intro:E-------------------1--0-----------------------------------------B-------1--0---1-------------------------------------------------G------------------------------0^2^0------------0^2^0------------D-------------------------------------0^2--------------0^2-------A--------------------------3-----------------3--------------3----E---3----------1-------------------------------------------------
Guitar riff at the end of the Chorus:E-------1^0-------------------------1^0--------------------------B------------3^1--------------------------3^1--------------------G------------------2--2---0---------------------0----------------D------------------------------3----------------2----------------A---3-------------------------------------------3----------------E------------------3-----------1---------------------------------
Guitar/keyboard riff during the bridge:E-------3-----------3-------------1-----------0------------------B--1-----------0-------------------------------------------------G----------------------------2-------------2---------------------D----------------------------0-----------------------------------A--3---------------------------------------0---------------------E--------------3-------------------------------------------------
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