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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 14:40:21 +0100
From: Benjamin Flynn 
Subject: m/magnetic_fields/when_the_open_road_is_closing_in.crd

magnetic fields:charm of the highway strip

song copyrighted 1993 by Stephin Merritt

crd by Benjamin Flynn

when the open road is closing in

A ....2.3..2....2.3..2..
E 3...........3.........

G                                C                  G
time - measured in dotted yellow lines has past you by
G                                   C             G
and I never said an honest thing to you in all my life
     D        C
hard times go slowly
             G           D
and the good times never come
               C              G            D
the world is a motor inn in a iowa highway slum
G             D               C
when the open road is closing in
Em                         D            A
and you can't say where it ends and you begin
     G                D              C                   B7
when every truck stop dive's another five years off your life
G             D               C
when the open road is closing in
Em                    D              A
and the dotted yellow lines begin to spin
         G             D            C                 B7
when the sky begins to fall on everything you like at all
Am           D            Am   D G
you won't be coming home again

ciao you keep on drowning in the roads between the towns
now i have been closing all the shutters in the house
well i know you'll be back when every tree is turning brown
you'll find the house is empty and the swingset's fallen down
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