Magnetic Fields - I Wish I Had An Evil Twin tab

I Wish I Had An Evil Twin
By The Magnetic Fields

Tabbed by Brandon Hogstad (

Intro---------------------------------|---------------------------------|slide back and forth several times}-10--12-----14/-15\-14/-15-------|-10--12-----14/-15\-14/-14-------|--8--10-----12/-13\-12/-15-------|---------------------------------|
Verse-----------------------------------------------------------|------------{slide back and forth several times}-----------|-10-10-x-10-x---12-12-x-12-x--15\-14/-15\-14/--------------|-10-10-x-10-x---12-12-x-12-x--15\-14/-15\-14/--------------|--8--8-x--8-x---10-10-x-10-x--13\-12/-13\-12/--------------|-----------------------------------------------------------| I wish I had and evil twin....
This pattern repeats throughout the song, with the sliding bit changing slightly.
Sometimes the sliding part goes like this:---------------------------|---------------------------|14/-15\-14---14/-15\-14----|14/-15\-14---14/-15\-14----|12/-13\-12---14/-15\-14----|---------------------------|
Now just get those fingers nice and calloused, because all that sliding blisters like a mother! -Brandon / slide up \ slide down
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