Magnum – Spin Like A Wheel tab

MAGNUM – Spin Like A Wheel
from the album The Visitation (2011)

well, they've really outdone themselves this time, amazing song...
this one goes out to Mishka, missing you still...

Verse 1:
            Dm                       C
Spin like a wheel, I fall down to my knees
Dm                             Bb
   Don’t you know how bad that feels
Am                         Bb
   It hurts when you’re in need
         Dm           C
Never forget, never regret
Dm                       C
   I don’t know where to go
Dm                             Bb
   And I could run through the rain
Am                         Bb
   But there’s one thing I know
         Dm           C
Never forget, never regret

Pre-chorus 1:
Bb                 Am  Bb                C
Now tell me if you can just how it all began

Chorus 1:
Dm                Bb
   Unfamiliar you came
F                   C
   And there was no guarantee
Dm                         Bb             C
   Couldn’t look past your face into your eyes
Dm                   Bb
   I got hurt by the pain
F                  C
   Oh you wouldn’t disagree
Dm              Bb               C
   In a fatal embrace I would despise
F                    C
   Now I know it was only a dream
Dm                    C
   No, it never could last
Dm        Bb    C
   It ran by so fast

Solo rhythm:
Dm, Bb, Am, Dm, Dm, Bb, Am, Am (4x)

Verse 2:
Where are you now?
In dreams why do you weep?
Dm                        Bb
   Your tears, they never show
Am                          Bb
   Because they’re yours to keep
            Dm               C
So never forget, no, never regret

Pre-chorus 2:
Bb                 Am  Bb                      C
Now tell me if you can what’s the price of any man

Chorus 2:
Dm                       Bb
   Cause I’m missing you still
F                     C
   Like an unfinished symphony
Dm                        Bb             C
   Don’t know how it will end, surely in tears
Dm                     Bb
   I’m not feeling the thrill
F                     C
   But thanks for the memory
Dm                       Bb                  C
   It’s a thing we can’t mend, that’s become clear
F                    C
   Now I know it was only a dream
Dm                    C
   No, it never could last
Dm        Bb    C
   It ran by so fast

Interlude:e--------------------------|----------------------|B---13b(15)---13-----------|---6b(8)---6----------|G------------------12------|---------------5------|D--------------------------|----------------------|A--------------------------|----------------------|E--------------------------|----------------------| 2x
then play Bb chord repeat Interlude then play Bb chord then play some Dm chord
repeat Bridge
End of solo section:e-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G-----------------------------|D----------------0----2---3---|A-0----1----3-----------------|E-----------------------------|
repeat Chorus 1 repeat Chorus 2
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