Maher Zain – One Big Family chords

-One Big Family- 
masbro maher zain
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D AI wonder why you and me fight each other
Bm G DDon't you see the similarities between us?
A BmTake a minute and see yourself in the mirror
G DYou look like me: those eyes, lips - you can't deny
AHave you thought about
BmWhy we look the same?
GWhy we feel the same?
GDon't tell me it's by chance
D AOh, you're my brother
BmYou're my sister
GWe're one big family
D AOh, you're my brother
BmYou're my sister
GJust one big family
D AIt doesn't matter if you live far away from me
Bm GYou feel I feel, you bleed I bleed, you cry and I cry
DWe sleep and dream
A BmSometimes we're sad, sometimes we're happy
BmYou breathe I breathe
GWe love, walk, talk and we smile
BmI care about you
AAnd I wish you could realise
G There's no difference between us two
AWe're part of one family
Bm No matter how far you are
A GAnd even if we don’t know each other
Bm A GOh, you and me, me and you, we are one
CHORUS Lyrics & Melody: Maher Zain Arrangement: Mustafa Ceceli & Maher Zain Mixing: Ronny Lahti ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ chord by Iqbal arafat mzifc follow us on twitter @mzifc -One Big Family Together We Turn To Allah-
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