Majandra Delfino - Breathing On My Own chords

Tabbed by Emy351
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Breathing On My Own by Majandra Delfino (
This song is played in Roswell, episode 3x08.

G DBreathe again
C D GI'm living on your air tonight
D C Never knowing when you'll cut me off
F Am G DOh you have a way
C D GThat makes it hard to sleep alone
DAnd just when the dream gets good
Am Em GYou always seem to have to go.
G BmHere I am alone again
Am CmWaiting for the story to finally end
Em GWhile the world spins around
BmIt's out of my hands
Am CmDon't even try to understand
D C E G And I guess it's time to tell you
C G What you should already know.
G D/F# EmOh you know
AI'm better breathing on my own
C GAll alone.
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