Majandra Delfino - Bhavior chords

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Behavior by Majandra Delfino (
This song is played in Roswell, episode 3x08.

AYouíre like an angel with the sweetest smile
But when you use it youíre one evil child
D A Thatís what brings me back again
AWe get along but only half the time
The other half you aint no friend of mine
D AThatís what brings me back again
E I love you on your best behavior
D A I love you more when you are doing something wrong
But thatís whats wrong with me
AYou said youíd wait till yesterday
Now youre telling me I cant stay
G D A Its all your crazy messed up ways that bring me back
AThat bring me back
AThat bring me back
AYou bring me back.
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