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Majandra – Breathing On My Own tab

[G] Breathe [D] a-gain, i'm [C] living on your [D] air to-
[G] -night, never [D] know-ing when you'll [C] cut me off
[F] Oh [Am] you [G] have a [D] way that [C] makes it hard to [D] sleep
a-[G]lone, (and) just when the [D] dream gets good you
[Am] always seem to [Em] have to [C] go... [D] So...

[G] Here I am, a-[Bm]lone again
[Am] Waiting for the story to [Cm] finally end, [/E] while the
[G] World spins around, it's [Bm] out of my hands [Bm, Bbm…]
[Am] Don't even try to [Cm] understa-[G]nd

Solo part...D E[---------------14----10-------------]B[12-12-13-12----------------12----13-]G[------------------------------------]G[------------------------------------]D[------------------------------------]E[------------------------------------]
Em? C DE[---------------------------]B[12----------------------15-]G[---------12-12-14-12-------]G[---------------------------]D[---------------------------]E[---------------------------]
[D] [C] ...And I guess it's time [/E] to [G] tell you [C] ...what you should already [G] know... [G] oh... [D/F#] you... [Em] know, i'm better breathing [A] on my own [C] All... a-[G]-lone
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