Malemen – Every Single Day tab

I BassPlayerj41, wrote this song bout my girlfriend after she broke up with me.  It's called "Every Single Day".

The Malemen rule!!!

Heres the chorus to the song.

E-3-33333----0-00000----0-00000----0-00000]B-1-11111----1-11111----1-11111----1-11111]G-2-22222----2-22222----0-00000----0-00000] Repeat this two D-3-33333----2-22222----2-22222----3-33333] times.A-X-XXXXX----X-XXXXX----3-33333----X-XXXXX]E-X-XXXXX----X-XXXXX----X-XXXXX----X-XXXXX]First Time Lyrics:
Here I am all alone, Ev'ry single daay, Then I come upon, Your beautiful face. Second Time Lyrics: Ev'ry day that I see you, I get down and praaay, I wanna be with you, Ev'ry single daay. thats it! it's pretty simple once u get the hang of it. i met the guys that wrote this..they are awesone! See ya later
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