Malicious Midgets – Antopopone tab

regular tuning
x=open string palm muted
easy enough

e-------------------b------------------- regular tuningg------------------- x=open string palm mutedd------------------- easy enough a---5---7---x-xxx--- e---3---5---x-xxx--- x2
e-------------------b-------------------g-------------------d-------------------a---5---7---9---9---e---3---5---7---7--- x2
e-------------------b-------------------g-------------------d-------------------a---x-xxx-----------e---x-xxx----------- x4's the ya'll like it... lyrics -------------------------- when im walking down the road and i start freaking out antopopone if im blowing up a toad and i die laughing antopopone it is the state of being when you act just like a moron satisfaction in punkish action people ask you what you're on when you start acting kinda crazy you chase toddlers down the street a piece of cheese is just hilarious i need to wash me feet antopopone antopopone antopopone antopopone
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