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From: Kevin Calmes 

           Save Our Love - Yngwie J. Malmsteen (c) 1990  (From "Eclipse")

Key: Am  Tempo: Slow 4/4

Intro. |: Am | Am | Fma7 | Fma7 :|

   Am                         Fma7
1. Once we were one, now were worlds apart
   E                                 Am    E
   Deep inside, you know, you are my other heart
   Am                     Fma7
   My memories, seem like yesterday
   E                               Am E
   Can't believe it's all, so far, away...

     F            F/E Dm
PC.  All these years, all our tears
     F        F/E      Dm       Dm/C
     Still we sing the same old song
     G/B        F/A    E/G#
     Let's make right, what went wrong

      C          C/B                  E/G#
C. |: There's no beginning there's no end
               Am    Am/G   F                D/F#        G
   There is no reason to pretend, crying for help, from above
                F    G   C
   We've got to save our love :|


   Am                      Fma7
2. You said to me, that we hold the key
   E                                    Am       E
   Eternal love we give and take it was meant to be
      F        F/E      Dm
   My love for you, was always true
   F     F/E      Dm       Dm/C
   So we sing the same old song
   G/B        F/A    E/G#
   Let's make right, all that went wrong


   | C | C/B Am | E/G# | Am Am/G | F | D/F# | G | E/G# |

   |: Am | Am | Fma7 | Fma7 :|

   | Dm | A/C# | Dm | A/C# | Gm | Gm/F | Esus4 | E |


    2x   FADE END
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