Mamas And The Papas - Blueberries For Breakfast chords

Blueberries for Breakfast 
E B D#m G#mBlueberries for breakfast, love in the afternoon,
E B D#m G#mButterflies in my trousers under the August moon...
E B D#m G#mDrive you to the airport; wait till itís time to go.
E B D#m G#mIíve checked the weather report; they say it will not snow
E B And all the planes can come and go.
E B But I think the ceiling is too low, so you canít go.
Chorus New York fire [?] burning just a little too bright. Manhattan firefly, never make it through the night. Somehow she came out alright; Through the darkness, see her light shining bright. Chorus Iím gonna have to call the cops, if you donít leave me alone. Stop waiting at the bus stop, trying to walk me home. The FBI, the CIA, you know they'll never leave you alone--- And I will cut you to the bone. Chorus by: Josť Duarte
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