Mamas And The Papas - Mansions chords


A7Sitting in our mansion, guarded by expansion,
C G7Questioning our motives and our means;
Dm Em Gm Wondering why this isnít like the dream.
A7Walls of wealth surround us, people cannot hound us.
C G7A gentle Spanish lady cooks our meals,
Dm Em Gm But we never ask her how she feels.
Limousines and laughter, parties everafter. If you play the game, you pay the price Purchasing a piece of paradise.
A7 GmChanges...changing...
F CFog and rain...
F C London towns the same
F CBorrowing time from friends
F CCircles have no end.
Paris and Rome Making their scene but missing our own. Beatles and Stones Then on the phone and come back home. Changes...changing... Nothing left to bind us; people cannot find us.
C GmYou live your life and live it as you please.
F C GmLive your life exactly as you please,
Live your life and live it as you please
F C G Please, live your life just as you please.
by: Josť Duarte
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