Mana – Clavado En Un Bar tab ver. 2

e: Sun, 24 May 1998 01:27:21 PDT
From: Juan Sjobohm 
Subject: m/mana/

"Clavado en un bar" Guitar solo.
From Suenos Liquidos. Warner Latin, 1997
Tabbed by J.M. Sjobohm

Ok, here's the solo for the song. It's very easy to play, just study it
well, and you'll get it in a couple of minutes.
|-------------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------17--19-17h19--17-p16\14~~~~-------------||-----16--18--20\-----16--18--20--------| fast |--------------------------||--/16--16--16----/16--16--16---------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
|---Do this part fast---||-------------------------------------------------------------------------||--14---------------------------------------------------------------------||-----15-16---18-16-15-16--18-16-15-16---16-16-15-16--13b(15)r13-13\1-----||-------------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
At the end, instead of doing just the slide in the 3rd string from 13th fret to 1st fret try to do it with your whammy bar. As another tip, if you have a Zoom 505 this solo sounds really cool with the following patch: Comp: of Dist: Mt Gain: 26 ZNR: 8 EQ: of Mod: C3 Dly: d7 Lev: 20 If you want to play the whole song ( I guess you want to ) use the chords of the other file by J.J. Penabad, he did a great job with the rhythm. Then use this solo. Any comments, questions or corrections? just e-mail me.
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