Mana - No Para De Llover tab

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 12:31:21 -0500
From: (Phearak N.  Lon)
Subject: No_para_de_llover by Mana

Most of you do not probably know who Mana is, well, let me tell you that
they are one of, if not the most popular latin rock band in South America
at the present time. You can find their latest album "Cuando los Angeles
Lloran" in places like Tower Records (It is a great album, their live album
is awesome too.) If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free
to e-mail me


Do that one more time, It kind of goes like that, I don't really remember, Play around with D and you will get, it's very easy the chords are D A desde que te perdi,
Bm G luz se ha puesto muy mojada
D A ...Mirada triste esta nublada (same thing) Bm G D ...y en mis ojos no ha parado de llover... (back to Intro) ...and so on. I'm not sure about the position of the chords, but I know that they are the right chords. there are some other details that you can probably figure out yourself. Just use these chords and play around with the struming.
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