Mana – De Pies A Cabeza tab

                            De Pies A Cabeza - Mana

Tabbed by: Sergio Reyes (serrey390)
Tuning: Standard (from high to low, e B G D A E)

Here's the intro, try to listen to the song to get the real-time rythm.

(Esus2) (A) (B) (A) (Esus2) (A) (B)e-7-7---7---5-5---5---7-7---7---5-5---5---7-7---7---5-5---5---7-7---7-|B-7-7---7---5-5---5---7-7---7---5-5---5---7-7---7---5-5---5---7-7---7-|G-9-9---9---6-6---6---8-8---8---6-6---6---9-9---9---6-6---6---8-8---8-|D-9-9---9---7-7---7---9-9---9---7-7---7---9-9---9---7-7---7---9-9---9-|A-x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x-|E-x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x---x-x---x-|
e-7-7---7--| (That's the intro, I tried my best to give you a good idea of howB-7-7---7--| the rythm goes, it is better if you listen to the song. TheG-9-9---9--| letters in parenthesis are the chord names, the same voicingsD-9-9---9--| are used throughout the whole song)A-x-x---x--|E-x-x---x--|
A B A Esus2 A B A Esus2 Quien te besara, de pies a cabeza? A B A Esus2 A B A Esus2 Quien te hara el cafe, por la mañana? A B A Esus2 A Dime quien te bañara, de besos? B A Esus2 Solo yo A B A Esus2 A B A Quien te hara tripiar? guayo guayo (Chorus) (The chord voicings for the chorus are a bit weird, the reason is, when you have a saxophone playing in unison with a guitar, you don't have to play full chords, for the sax gives the melody a full sound. You can also play full chords if desired.) These are the chord voicings for the chorus
E A9 Bsuse-0-| e-0-| e-0-|B-0-| B-0-| B-0-|G-1-| G-2-| G-4-|D-x-| D-x-| D-x-|A-x-| A-x-| A-x-|E-x-| E-x-| E-x-|
E A9 Bsus Hoy te quiero mas que siempre E A9 Bsus Hoy te adoro mas que nunca E A9 Bsus Hoy te voy a besar E A9 Bsus de los pies a la cabeza guayo yo yo (Those are the chords used throughout the whole song, I hope you have a good idea on when and where to use them) Guitar solo:
E A B Ae-------------------------------------------7-7--------------------------|B-9-9---------------------------------------7-7--------------------------|G-9-9--------------9---9--------------------8-8-------------9---9--------|D-9-9-------9-11-----------11--9----11------9-9---9---11------------11---|A------------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E A Be---------------------------------------------------------7-7------------|B--------------9-9----------------------------------------7-7------------|G--------------9-9---------------------9--9---------------8-8------------|D--9-----------9-9-------9---9---11-----------11--9--11---9-9----9---11--|A------11----------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Ae------------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------------------|G--9--9----------11^(full bend)----(11)(note release from previous bend)-|D---------11-------------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------|
That's all you should know about this song, just repeat the chords. This transcription is on the original recorded key, if you find it "high" or "low" then transpose it to a key that best fits your vocal range. If you have any questions or comments please contact me, I will be happy to assist you.
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