Manchester Orchestra – Made A Quite Impressive Noise tab

Tabbed by Kyle Davidson

There is a video of Andy Hull of MO playing this song on youtube, which is where I 
much figured this song from. He tells half the story of what the song is about.

The verse and the chorus are the same in the second half, so I included the lyrics, but 
out the chords. You'll figure it out.



     C      C/B      Am   G   Em
You made a quite impressive noise
       F                          G
when I slammed the door to your building,
C        C/B   Am    G      Em
followed by a gold haired boy,
        F                      G
running naked down the street.

      C     C/B  Am    G     Em
And I think he might have seen me,
        F                 G
as I stood and watched in horror,
       C     C/B     Am   G     Em
the pavement gave a face lift instantly,
        F                  G
and the car drove off in vein.

       F                       G
And I still don't know who to blame,
                Am        G         F
'cause there's brain bits on my tie,
   F                      G
I swear I didn't know it then,
        Am       G    F
But I caught you in a lie,
         F (hold)             Fm (hold)
and somebodies gonna have to pay for your sins.

And the rain began to pour and drown me,
as I tried to talk him back,
no Jesus or police man could save the day,
I'm pretty positive about that.

And when you came and saw him laying on the ground,
your head fell pretty hard into your hands.
And the only thing I really wish I'd really said was;
I've got this brilliant plan.

But the truth's I still don't know who to blame,
'cause there's blood all over my tie.
I tried to make you run that fast,
but sweetie i, caught you in another lie,
and now you're gonna have to pay for your sins.
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