Manchester Orchestra – Pale Black Eye chords

			     PALE BLACK EYE - Manchester Orchestra
Tabbed by: Travis G


Here's my favourite song on the new album. This should sound pretty accurate. 
The only thing I'm unsure of is whether or not there is a transitioning chord in 
between G#m and Eb in the verse/intro.
Let me know if anything I've done seems off.

F# | B Bbm | G#m |   | Eb

F# B Bbm G#m EbFather, I plead in waves so I don't need you like I used to
F# B Bbm G#m EbFear and nostalgia say I don't have it anymore
G#m EbWhatever you want
G#m EbWhatever you need
EBleed from me
EbRight from me
E EbBleed from me
F# | B Bbm | G#m | | Eb
F# B Bbm G#mI don't have yours or mine
EbI don't hurt you like I used to
F# B Bbm G#m EbAmy, you must be tired cause when you sleep, you sleep alone
EAnd understand the throne
B Eb G#mIf he didn't pay or he had paid I'd undeniably become erased
Eb So whatever you want
G#m Eb Take whatever you need
EAnd bite your veins
BBleed your pain
EbInto me
F# B Bbm G#mGoddamn I'm tired of lying
EbI wish I loved you like I used to
F# B Bbm G#mSo hold on, you pale black eye
EbCause when I sleep, I sleep alone
Bridge: G#m Eb x2 E Eb x2
G#m EbSo whatever you want
G#m EbNo, whatever you need
ETake from me
BRight from me
EbFrom me
Outro is just G#m and Eb.
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