Manchester Orchestra - Pale Black Eye chords version 2

First tab of a song ever, so you might notice a bit of idontknowhowpeoplewritetabs in 
some parts.

I came up with these thanks to a video of an acoustic session by the band, I think the 
chords are pretty close, also easy. Enjoy!

Tuning: 1/2 step down.


G C G Am Am EEb|-3---3--------3-----------------------0---0-|Ab|---2---2--3-----2----0--0------0--0-0-2---2-|Db|------------2-----------2---------2-2-2---2-|Gb|------------------------2---------2-2-1---1-|Bb|------------------------1---------1-1-0---0-|eb|------------------------0---------0-0-0---0-|
G C G Am C EFather, I plead in waves so I don't need you like I used to
G C G Am C EFear and nostalgia say I don't have it anymore
Am E Whatever you want
Am E Whatever you need
FBleed from me
ERight from me
F EBleed from me
Instrumental (same as first verse): G C G Am C E Verse: Same chords as first verse. I don't have yours or mine I don't hurt you like I used to Amy, you must be tired cause when you sleep, you sleep alone And understand the throne
F C E If he didn't pay what he had paid I'd undeniably become erased
Am E So whatever you want
Am E Take whatever you need
FAnd bite your veins
CBleed your pain
EInto me
Goddamn I'm tired of lying | Same as I wish I loved you like I used to | first So hold on, you pale black eye | verse Cause when I sleep, I sleep alone | Instrumental (ooooohhoooohhh part...): Am E Am E F E F E
Am E So whatever you want
Am ENo, whatever you need
FTake from me
CRight from me
EFrom me
Final: It's two chords, E and Am, you can also notice a little change in the song, that can be done by adding a finger in the 3rd fret on the Bb chord. Leave comments :)
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