Manchester Orchestra – Anne Louise chords

Am C

Am CThis leathers called a seat belt Anne Louise
Am CYour head out of the window in the cooling summer breeze
F GAnd in the air were all the things you claimed we need
F GThey seemed to be worth less than once I did believe
Am CAnd I swear to God that I'll avenge your death
Am CWith the best lawyers of auto-politics
F GAnd I'll spend whatever money's to be spent
F GTo try and revive your broken body again
Am CAnd the penny-pitching funeral was shit
Am CYour body in a plastic frame that I threw flowers in
F GAnd I hope to God that you'll remember me in heaven
F GGod I hope you don't remember that in heaven
F GGod I hope that they'll allow me into heaven
Am CLook what I've become
Am CLook what I've become
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