Mando Diao - Josephine chords

Josephine – Mando Diao

Capo on 4th fret

G+ :x21000

G Bm C D
G Bm C G

G Josephine is not your kind
Bm C DShe believes in magic and rhymes
GYou tried hard to make her fine
Bm C G But she sleeps with acid
Em G+Do her parents know it’s for real
Em7 Em6When she asks them to be high
CI don’t know
D GBut they will sure be aware of it
Em G+She smokes clouds every single night
Em7 Em6Should be glad that she’s alive
C D GIn her head she sees butterflies with pistols
GJosephine is not your kind
Bm C DShe believes in ravers with dimes
GYou tried hard to see her eyes
Bm C G But they’re made for others
Em G+ She runs to the club with some cash
Em7 Em6And spends them all on pleasure
C DIn her head there’s some old drug
GTaking care of her
Em G+Gets the very best of a man
Em7 Em6And pays him with a laugh
CDon’t you see?
D G She is not a mystery
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