Mando Diao – Mexican Hardcore chords

Bm G A BmWent to new Mexico with dependencies and lies
Bm G A you met a girl that smack you in your bed
Bm G She said in June you'll find me
A Bmbut in august I'll be gone
Bm G A and I will leave you crying on the ground
Em and the rings we switched
BmI melted them down to pure gold
Em BmI pawned them yesterday, they're gone
Em Bm all your tries won't make me jealous anyway
A Gso don't try to find me babe
F#my love is dead
Bm EmShe's got hot finger tips got a jacket pin
G A Bm Em it's a twiggy, hot murderess on the main street
G Ahunts you down
D Em and all the time she just smiles
A Gbetween marmalade's and eyes
Bm F#hot silver she was just too much
Bmpoor boy
For the 2nd chorus same chord as 1st chorus
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