Mandolin Orange – Waltz About Whiskey chords

C Am F COnce the gettin' was good, but now the gettin's got gone
G F CSo i'm going downtown just to tie one on
C Am F CI'm oak aged and sour, I'm goin' down by the hour
Am F Cand I'm as blue as the night is long.
F C F CWon't someone dance with me to a waltz about whiskey
Am D GAnd turn my sad songs to lullabies
C Am F CI don't need much of nothin except for all your lovin'
G F CAnd a waltz about whiskey on ice
One quarter should do, number A32 a little truth from the jukebox should make it alright and as the blues sets in I'm getting high again to a waltz about whiskey on ice (chorus)
D G Am FI remember the night she sat down beside me, she said love was a
Cring that won't end
GI was handed a lie
Am C F C F GNow the only thing I know of a ring is the circle my glass leaves
F Cbehind
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