Mandy Moore – Cry chords ver. 2


C G F I'll always remember It was late afternoon
C G F It lasted forever And ended so soon
C GYou were all by yourself
DmStaring up at a dark gray sky
F CI was changed
C GIn places no one would find
Dm F GAll your feelings so deep inside
C GWas then that I realized
DmThat forever was in your eyes
F C G F The moment I saw you cry
C GIt was late in September
Dm F GAnd I've seen you before
C GYou were always the cold one
Dm F But i was never that sure
C GYou were all by yourself
Dm F Staring up at a dark gray sky
Dm CI was changed (REFRAIN)
C GI wanted to hold you
F I wanted to make it go away
C GI wanted to know you
Am F Fm I wanted to make your everything, all right....
C GI'll always remember...
F It was late afternoon...
Dm CIn places no one would find... (Chorus)
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