Mandy Moore – I Wanna Be With You Acoustic tab

                       I WANNA BE WITH YOU by MANDY MOORE
                              (Acoustic Version)

Guitar transcription by Nathan Gilera Hayag
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E   - 079900            D7  - x57755
A   - 577655 & 577x00   Bm  - x24322
F#m - 244x00            D   - x57700
B   - 799877 & 799x00   C#m - x4x6xx

INTRO: (Two guitars arranged for one) let ring E E A Ae-----7------------7--------------7--------------7----------|B-----7------------7--------------7--------------7----------|G---------9p8----------9p8--9---9-----9p8--9---9-----9p8--9-|D---9---9--------9---9--------7-----7--------7-----7--------|A-7------------7--------------0--------------0--------------|E-0------------0--------------------------------------------|
Yeay__ Hmmm__ Ooh yeah__VERSE: let ring E E A Ee-----7------------7--------------7--------------7----------|B-----7------------7--------------7--------------7----------|G---------9p8----------9p8--9---9-----9p8--9---------9p8--9-|D---9---9--------9---9--------7-----7----------9---9--------|A-7------------7--------------0--------------7--------------|E-0------------0-----------------------------0--------------|I try but I can't seem to get myselfTo think of anything but you.__Your breath on my face,Your warm gentle kiss I taste__(blah blah yak yak__) and I taste the truth.__
PRE-CHORUS: let ring D7 C#m Bm D7 Be--------5--------------------2-----------5-----(7)--7------|B--------5--------------------3--3--------5---5-(7)--7------|G-7------------------6----4-------4--7--------7--8---8------|D----7-------7--------------4-----------7-----7--9---9------|A-5------------------4----2----------5-----------9---9------|E------------------------------------------------7---7------|You know what I came here for.__ I won't ask for more.__
1ST CHORUS: E A F#m I wanna be with you, if only for a night.__ D B To be the one who's in your arms to hold you tight.__ E A F#m I wanna be with you. There's nothin' more to say.__ D B There's nothin' else I want more than to feel this way.__ E A I wanna be with you.__ BRIDGE: Bm G (stac. feel) A (let ring) (with fill 1) No, baby, I can't fight this feelin' anymore.__ Bm G A It drives me crazy when I try to.__ E C D * (with fill 2) So call my name, take my hand, & make my wish your command.__
fill 1: (6X) fill 2: * N.H.e-10-9----- e------------------------------------- e-----|B------10-- B-5-7--5-7--5-7-7/8-8--5-7--5-7-7/8-8- B-----|G---------- G------------------------------------- G--7--|D---------- D------------------------------------- D-----|A---------- A------------------------------------- A-----|E---------- E------------------------------------- E-----|
2ND CHORUS E A F#m Yea-yeah, I wanna be with you. Nothin' more to say.__ D B There's nothin' else I want more than to feel this way.__ CODA: (strummed) E-A-E-A-
I wanna be with you__ Yey-yeah__ I wanna be with you__E--A--E--A--
Wanna be with you__ Wooh__ Yey-yey yey-yeah__ Yey__ I wanna be, I wanna be with you__ Oooh__ (Wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be with you__) Yeah-yey__ Yea-yey__ (Wanna be with you__ 2x) I wanna be, I wanna be, baby__ OUTRO: (Do verse chords with fill 3) E-E-A-E-
fill 3: let ring ritarde---------4-----------4---------------4--|B-5-4---5-5---5-4---5-5---5--4----5---5--|G---4-----------4------------4--------4--|D------------------------------------(2)-|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------| I wanna be with you__ Yey-yeah__
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