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From Loving You - Mandy Moore


    E        B              C#m          A            B
(I had you, I had everything, I ever needed...)


E                                  B
From the first look I knew
C#m                                   A
I'd found heaven in your eyes
                            E               B
But who was to know, the way it would go
I have no regrets
A                     E
Glad I let you in
                            B                           C#m
Wouldn't have missed one single moment
              A                      E
I would do it all over again...


   E                B                  C#m
Cos I was loved, I was touched
A                                E
And I learned what love is
              B                  C#m
And I learned what love is
                A                E                 B                   C#m
I was blessed, so blessed cos I learned what love is
      A                  E                  B       C#m
I learned what love is, from loving you...

       E                       B              C#m   A
(I held you,I held everything I ever needed......)

Verse 2
            E                         B
With that first kiss from you
C#m                                      A
All this world seemed all so right
        E                               B        
But who was to see, the way it would be
  C#m           A
I'll never forget
            E                       B
The heaven that we shared
               C#m                          A
And I'll thank God for every moment
                 E                          B
Every moment I held you there


(Some people search their whole lives, never found what I found in your eyes)
 C#m             A             E             B                   C#m
glad I got to get the chance to have you in my life...
E                B                        C#m          A
I won't be sad when I look back, cos I was

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