Manic Street Preachers - Elvis Impersonator Blackpool Pier tab

Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
by Manic Street Preachers
from the album Everything Must Go

Most of the chords are barre, and I only used
flats in the chord names because I felt like it.

EADGBEBm: 224432 Am: 577555 A5: 577---D6: -3-232 Bb: 688766 D5: -577--D: --0232 Db: 446664 Db5:-466--Em: 022000 Ab: 466544 Gb5:244---
F: 133211 C: 335553 Dbm:446654---------------NOTATION:^ = accenteds = sixteenth noteE = eighth noteQ = quarter noteH = half note. = dotted notex = muted/ or \ = slideb = bendh = hammer onp = pull offlr= let ring|----||o--o||----| = repeat|----||o--o||----|---------------
CHORD STRUMMING: I'm not sure about the upstrokes and downstrokes, but for the first part of the song it goes like this with each chord: ^ ^ ^ ^ sssssssssssEsss (v-- It's really good) Please buy the album or something and listen to the song for exactness blablabla now the tab/chords. -------------------- (acoustic comes in 30 seconds into the song) Bm Bm Bm D6 Twenty foot high on Blackpool promenade D Em Fake royalty second hand sequin facade F Am Bb Db Limited face paint and dyed black quift Ab C Overweight and out of date (repeat verse, second time just play the C once and let ring)
Q E. s s s Q. (etc, play all power chords this way)|---------------------|--------------------|--------------------|--------------------||o--------------------|--------------------|--------------------|-------------------o||---------------------|-7---7---x-7-x-7----|-6---6---x-6-x-6----|--------------------||--7---7---x-7-x-7----|-7---7---x-7-x-7----|-6---6---x-6-x-6----|-4---4---x-4-x-4----||o-7---7---x-7-x-7----|-5---5---x-5-x-5----|-4---4---x-4-x-4----|-4---4---x-4-x-4---o||--5---5---x-5-x-5----|--------------------|--------------------|-2---2---x-2-x-2----| A- merican trilogy In Lancaster pottery
Bb(lr) Gb5 It's so fucking funny don't you know Bb(lr) Db (strum quarter notes) It's so fucking funny don't you know
Instead of the Db, you can instead play this: E E E E E E E E E E E E H|-4-4-----4-4-----|-4-4-------------||-----5-------5---|-----6-----------||-------4-------4-|-------6---------||-----------------|---------6lr-----||-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------|
A5 D5 Db5 Gb5 American trilogy in used up cars and bottled beer A5 D5 Db5 Gb5 American trilogy the future's dead fundamentally Bb(lr) Gb5 It's so fucking funny it's absurd Bb(lr) Db (strum quarter notes, or do alternative) It's so fucking funny it's absurd
SOLO: (in the background ) Q Q. E E E Q Q. E E E Q E. s Q E E H+E s s s s E|-----------------|-----------------|---------------------|-----------------------||-----------------|-----------------|---------------------|-----------------------||-----------------|-----------------|---------------------|-----------------------||-----------------|---------------4-|-----6--9-9b11b9-6-4-|-4lr-------/-----4h7-7-||---------------4-|-5---7b9b7-5-7---|-4-------------------|-------------4h7-------||-5---7b9b7-5-7---|-----------------|---------------------|-----------------------|
(|---------| faster than sixteenth) Q Q. E E E Q Q. E Q s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s Q Q E Q.|------------------|-----------------|--------------------------------------|---------------------||------------------|-----------------|--------------------------------------|---------------------||----------------6-|-7---9b11b9-7-9--|-8h9p8p6-8p6---6----------------------|---------------------||-7---9b11b9-7-9---|-----------------|-------------9--------9h11-11b12b11-9-|-11--11--11-11lr-----||------------------|-----------------|-----------------9s11-----------------|---------------------||------------------|-----------------|--------------------------------------|---------------------|
Bb(lr) Gb5 Bb(lr) Db (strum quarter notes, or do alternate) Dbm(lr) Twenty foot high on Blackpool promenade
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