Manic Street Preachers - The Year Of Purification tab

The Year Of purification
(Bradfield, Moore, Wire)


D  G  C    (Sounds better if you barre F for the G)
D  G  C


Am C (alternately. Listen to the album to get speed and timing right)


D         G                  C
Runaway, runaway as fast as you can
Am                    C
From anything that needs discipline


D        G            C
The Year of Purification  (x2)

Verse 2 - same as verse 1
Bridge 2 - as verse 1


D        G            C
The year of Purification (x2)

Am C

Middle 8

Am     D         G                  C
What have I said, what have a said again
Am   D   G      F
I regret everythin
Am   D    G    C   Am
Alone little shit kickers
Am               C
Liberal asanine pricks


Am   C  (x2)

D    G         C
The year of purification    (x2)



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