Manic Street Preachers – 4st 7lb tab

 Cracking song by the Manics! Really fun to play, especially for singing while playing 
a little practice).

 I've tabbed the most clear lead guitar parts in the background but at some
stages it is too distorted to discern exactly what's being played - just jam
around in G minor for the non-vocal stages.

Intro: (with heavy distortion and lots of treble)

"I eat too much to die and notE|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|B|---------6-----------6-------6--|---------6-----------6-------6--|G|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|D|-5---5-------5-5-5-------5------|-5---5-------5-5-5-------5------|A|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
enough to stay alive, I'm sittingE|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|B|---------5-----------5-------5--|---------5-----------5-------5--|G|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|D|-5---5-------5-5-5-------5------|-5---5-------5-5-5-------5------|A|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
in the middle waiting."E|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|B|---------6-----------6-------6--|---------6-----------6-------6--|G|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|D|-5---5-------5-5-5-------5------|-5---5-------5-5-5-------5------|A|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
E|--------|B|-5~~----|G|--------|D|-5~~----|A|--------|E|--------| let ring
Main Riff:
(scrape)E|-x----|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|B|--x---|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|G|---x--|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|D|----x-|--------3-3---------3-3---------|--------2-2---------2-2---------|A|-----x|----1-1---------1-1---------1-0-|----1-1---------1-1---------1-0-|E|------|3-3---------3-3---------3-3-----|3-3---------3-3---------3-3-----| play three times
Guitar Two (during last main riff before vocals):
Verses One and Two: (over main riff) Days since I last pissed, cheeks sunken and despaired So gorgeous, sunk to six stone, lose my only remaining home See my third rib appear, a week later all my flesh disappear Stretching taut cling film on bone, I'm getting better Bridge: (chords shown) Am Dm Karen says I've reached my target weight G Kate and Emma and Kristen know it's fake C Problem is diet's not a big enough word B Em I wanna be so skinny that I rot from view Chorus: D# D Cm D D# D Cm D I-I, I, I-I wanna walk in the snow and not leave a footprint
(riff over chorus chords) D# D Cm DE|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|-----0-------0-------0-------0---|D|---3~------4~------1~------4~----|A|-6~------5~------3~------5~------|E|---------------------------------|
D# D Cm D D# D Cm D I-I, I, I-I wanna walk in the snow and not soil its purity Intro riff x3 with distorted licks in Gminor Verses Three and Four: Stomach collapsed at five, lift up my skirt, my sex is gone Naked and lovely and five stone two, may I bud and never flower My vision's getting blurred but I can see my ribs and I feel fine My hands are trembling stalks and I can feel my breasts are sinking Bridge: Mother tries to choke me with roast beef And sits savouring her sole ryvitta 'That's the way your built' my father said But I can change, my cocoon shedding Chorus: I-I, I, I-I wanna walk in the snow and not leave a footprint I-I, I, I-I wanna walk in the snow and not soil its purity Outro: C#, Cmaj7, Cmaj7, Fmaj7, G (pick the chords, letting open B ring) Cmaj7 Kate and Kristen and Kit-Kat, Fmaj7 G All things I like looking at Cmaj Too weak to fuss, too weak to die, Fmaj7 G Asus2 Am Asus2 Am Choice is skeletal in everybody's life I choose my choice, I starve to frenzy,
Hunger soon passes and sickness soon tires Legs bend, stockinged, I am Twiggy And I don't mind the horror that surrounds me E|-------------|
B|-12b13r12~~~-| G|-------------|
Self-worth scatters, self-esteem's a bore, I long since moved to a higher plateau This discipline's so rare so please applaud Just look at the fat scum who pamper me so Yeh four stone seven, an epilogue of youth Such beautiful dignity in self-abuse
I've finally come to understand life D|-------12(slowly bend)14---------| Through staring blankly at my navel D|-14---14--15--17--15--14-12-14b15r14b15r14~~--| End on Am There it is - please vote! Also my Archives of Pain solo (version two) is top but has no votes, please vote as it's a damn good tab! :D
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