Manic Street Preachers – La Tristesse Durers tab

La Tristesse Durera

Intro Ge---------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------|E---3--3--3----3--3-3-3-----3--3--3-----3--3-3-3----|
Play this throughout the song G Ce-----------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------|G------0----------------------------------------|D---------0--------2-----------2--2-------------|A------------2----------3---------------3-------|E---3-------------------------------------------|
G C G C Life has been unfaithful G C G C And it all promised so so much G C G C I am a relic G C G C I am just a petrified cry C Eb G C G C Wheeled out once a year, a cenotaph souvenir C Eb The applause nails down my silence G C G C La tristesse durera G C G C Scream to a sigh, to a sigh G C G C La tristesse durera G C G C D...... Scream to a sigh, to a sigh I see liberals I am just a fashion accessory People send postcards And they all hope I'm feeling well I retreat into self-pity, it's so easy Where they patronise my misery La tristesse durera Scream to a sigh, to a sigh I sold my medal It paid a bill It sells at market stalls Parades Milan catwalks The sadness will never go Will never go away Baby it's here to stay Chords for solo... Em G D C Em G D C Am D Am D Am D C C C C La tristesse durera Scream to a sigh, to a sigh
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