Manic Street Preachers - A Secret Society tab

I was at Hammersmith on Tuesday 19th April 2005, and was lucky enough to get a free CD 
of the new EP God Save The Manics. So I thought I'd have a crack at tabbing a couple of 
from it, and they're all ace. I've been playing this all day, and I'm pretty sure it's
right. Feel free to correct me if not.


G BmEmC DE|-------------------|B|---3---5---------7-|G|-4-4-0-5-x2 then-7-|D|-5-4-2-5---------7-|A|-5-2-2-3---------5-|E|-3---0-------------|
G BmEmA5 CE|-------------------|B|---3-------------5-|G|-4-4-0-2-x2 then-5-|D|-5-4-2-2---------5-|A|-5-2-2-0---------3-|E|-3---0-------------|
There's a little line over that last C, and a last note in the chorus: B|-7-7-5-5-x2,-then-3
End on a G. Enjoy this, it was great when they played it the other night, and it'll be a while till play it live again.
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