Manic Street Preachers - Empty Souls tab

keyboard bit (intro, fills, etc)

let ring...

A E G#m F#m---------0-------0----------0--0-0---------|-----2-------------0----2-----4-4-4-0-2----|-------1-------1----------1----------------|-------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------|
verses A E G#m F#m Empty souls will leave their homes and find a place where they're alone etc chorus E Dbm Exposed to a truth we don't know etc, until... ... E Dbm ...comparison, God knows what makes a comparison B for the empty souls A B Dm for the empty soooouuuuullllllllllllls solo... 3mins 4secs music halts on an A minor chord, then the guitar and the drums and all come back in over chorus chords (the E and the Dbm). its acutally two guitars. one does the low bit you only just hear, the other does all the fancy stuff.
1st guittar Am E Dbm-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|----------------------/----14~~~~----14b16r-11-------|-5~~~~~~~~8~~~~~~~~~~~/----12~~~~--------------------|
2nd Guitar------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------12~~~10--------------------|-----------------------------------13--11---13~~~~~~~-|------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------|-5~~~~~~~~8~~~~~~~~~~---------------------------------|
(1st guitar becomes inaudible (i expect it does the something along the lines of the guitar, but an octave lower))
2nd guitar (something like...) E-10p9------------------------------------------------|-----12p10-12p10p9--10p9-----------------------------|------------------11----11p9 11~~~~------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|
I'm tabbing this on an acoustic, so not sure how accurate the above is. the solo is (in opinion) pretty much erroneous anyway. it doesn't seem to add anything really. and i it for you anyway. i think the chord structure is really nice in this song, and its a shame you can't realy hear it or get a feel for it on the record. it sounds really nice on an acoustic though. anyway, its pretty easy to make it sound nice if you play around with barred chords and them in different places and stuff. i think the album version is over produced, but a really nice song there under all the flowery stuff.
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